The winemaker

Mucsi Zalán is a third-generation winemaker from the Lowlands. He was courting at Gyönk in the Tolna wine region, he flirted with the wine region of Szekszárd. There are vineyards and about 300 cellars in the valley, surrounded by a small town with a Swabian tradition. Zalán Mucsi loved one of the ruined basements in the Pelzberg slope, which was then purchased from the wedding dance in 2008, and that was the beginning of the construction of the estate. The press house built in 1880 was renovated and grapes were planted. In the first year, only a barrel of old capitals in blue francs was born and the 300 bottles were sold in two days. This was the first experience of success that convinced the family that it was worth taking a serious look at the winery.

The Gral Winery

Over the years, several areas have been purchased around the estate center, so the total area has now reached 2.5 hectares. Among the varieties, blue franc is the leading role, in addition to the old capitalist plantation, young Austrian clones are waiting for the crop to turn. Cabernet franc, merlot and kadarka share in the areas that are organically cultivated since the beginning, do not use absorbent, herbicide and insecticides. Mechanization on old plantations is unworkable, spraying and manual work, and a man-trying slope is typical . The soil is clay and loess, which are limed with limestone spots. The wines spontaneously ferment, they are only given a minimum of sulfur, the reds are bottled unfiltered. The wines of the Grál Borpince were very soon known, sought after and recognized. The 2012 vintage is the "The Best Blue franc in Hungary!" deserved title. Much of the wines are found in high-astronomy.

Last year we won 3rd place in the small estate category in the "Hungary's Most Beautiful Vineyard" competition organized by Wine and Market Magazine.

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