Pelzberg Kékfrankos

Wines of Grál Borpince/ Gral Winery


90% cabernet franc és 10% merlot

Pinot gris




KékfrankosPELZBERG Kékfrankos

This wine shows the depths and beauties of the Bluefin tuna variety. The 2012 vintage is the "Best Bluebirds in Hungary!" deserved its title. The new vintage is perhaps even better than its predecessor, with raspberries, redcurrants, blackberries, carnations, nutmeg, and cocoa making up the scent and taste. Excellent barrel usage, good proportions, velvety tannins, elegance. Long maturation potential.


Cabernet franc / MerlotMaestro

It is commonly made up of cabernet franc and a small merlot marry maturing in new or used barrels for 20 months. Beautiful balance, silky tannins and long tones; besides the fruits, some milk chocolate leaves traces in the mouth. Vibrantly exciting, beautifully crafted wine. Sparkling acids that are in excellent balance with mature tannins and solid body. Excellent structure. They are very fond of their aromas. Pickled strawberries, raspberries, avar, small mushrooms. A long lasting experience.


SzürkebarátGRÁL Pinot Gris

After three hours of soaking, a minimum of compression of almost pure color, consisting of 1/3 of steel, 2/3 of second loaded oak barrels and ripe for three months with a weekly stirring. A clear scent with stoned fruit, mainly white peach, discreet discolored spices. Creamy, well-balanced body with elegant acids, peach, tropical fruits and salty tannins. In addition to a vigorous acid structure, a typical wine of a nice variety



A mixture of spices and berries comes out from the glass, currant, sour cherry and rosehip. It also delivers the listed fruits, is balanced, light and playful, but still has the proper nutrition. Attract to the next glass, the ideal cadlock prototype.