Pelzberg Kékfrankos

Wines of Grál Borpince/ Gral Winery


90% cabernet franc és 10% merlot

Pinot gris




Blue FrancGrál Pelzberg Blue Franc 2018

Wine made from Austrian Blue Franc clone, organically grown grapes from the Pelzberg vineyard. Fermentation was spontaneous in fermentation tanks for 24 days. The grapes were harvested in early October. Aged in second-fill French barrels with minimal use of sulfur for 20 months and bottled unfiltered.


Grál Pelzberg Reserva 2017

The winery's first Reserva wine. Aged for 2 years in barrels of Hungarian Zemplén oak and over a year in bottle (still maturing today). Elegant wine with a very spicy bouquet. Fermented for twenty days, then kept in mash for another ten days, once decanted, then racked into barrel and spent the rest of the ageing without moving.


Cabernet franc / MerlotGrál Maestro 2017

From organically grown grapes Both varieties were harvested at full maturity at the end of September. The Cabernet Franc was fermented spontaneously in vats for 20 days and the Merlot in fermentation tanks, also for 20 days. Aged in new and used French barrique barrels for 20 months, then bottled unfiltered.


Grál Pinot Gris Battonage 2020

The harvest was done in two parts, naturally from organically grown grapes. The first was at the end of August and was fermented spontaneously under reductive conditions, the second harvest was at the beginning of September, a little more mature and with lower acidity, also spontaneously fermented, but in third-fill 500 litre Hungarian wooden barrels. After eight months of ageing, the two wines were blended and bottled.


KadarkaGrál Kadarka 2020

Harvested at the end of September and spontaneously fermented in vats for 17 days. After pressing, 1/3 was matured in acid-proof tanks and 2/3 in 1000 litre French vats for 10 months. Bottled unfiltered. The wine was made from two Kadarka clones P147,P163.


Cabernet francGrál Amphora Cabernet Franc 2020

Grapes from the early October harvest, harvested at full ripeness, fermented whole bunch. Aged for 10 months in our Loire Valley amphora, the spicy notes of the variety have developed beautifully, resulting in a full-bodied, fruit-rich wine with low sulfur content.


KadarkaGrál Amphora Kadarka 2020

A wine made from 70 year old Kadarka vines, traditionally fermented spontaneously. Aged in Légli amphora for 12 months. The fruity, spicy notes typical of Kadarka enrich the taste and aroma of the wine. Thanks to the amphora, the notes of the terroir are very nicely revealed.